Our customers often require us to design heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. When we start to assess and specify the demand, it often turns out that the technical solution is only needed for a certain period of the year, for a shorter or longer period, perhaps a week or two, or a few months at the most – or maybe even only for a single occasion. In these cases, we save our customers from unnecessary investments and offer them complex rental solutions. Whether it is an event, a maintenance shutdown or a hot summer month when extra energy demand arises, we draw on the decades of experience of our German business partner to supply our customers the energy they need, flexibly, quickly and with full installation and maintenance, helping to avoid unnecessary investment and ensuring cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable operations.

  • Failure/maintenance/renovation of heating systems
  • Floor screed drying
  • Site preparation
  • Renovation
  • Hot water supply
  • Air conditioning for events
  • Failure/maintenance/renovation of cooling systems
  • Server cooling
  • Production energy loss
  • Network changeover
  • Heating of fermenting plants
  • Disinfection