Whether it is a family house, an office building or a complex production hall, building services engineering is no longer just about the simple installation of heating and cooling, hot and cold water, and sewerage systems. Extreme progress in IT and building services engineering technology enables each and every customer to obtain, instead of standard solutions, the most appropriate technical solution for the sustainable operation of their building. Apart from providing a high degree of comfort, the “smart revolution” of buildings is a constant challenge for designers and builders, with an infinite range of possibilities and a multitude of possible technical combinations. Our designers, project managers and contractors work to ensure that our customers can take over the operation of their building services systems, which we have designed, built or maintained, with the highest degree of satisfaction.
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  • cooling & heating
  • ventilation
  • water
  • gas
  • drains
  • public utilities
  • comprehensive maintenance services
  • air duct cleaning
  • leakage inspection
  • fire damper supervision according to the OTSZ standard
  • hydraulic and air engineering adjustment