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Allin Property Services Kft. was established as a building management services company in 2018. After that, its activities have shifted mainly towards building services engineering. The economic environment has changed almost daily since then, and we have realised that it is no longer enough to always offer the same level of service in just one field. We constantly monitor the rapidly changing needs of our customers and respond to emerging demands through innovation and the constant renewal of our service portfolio. Thanks to the dedication of our excellent colleagues and our decades of experience, we have opened up new directions since 2023, with the focus not only on our previous activities, but also on increasing cost and energy efficiency for our customers by laying great emphasis on sustainability, while providing the highest quality technical content. Thank you for visiting us! We hope that you will soon have the opportunity to see the truth of those claimed above as our customer, thus promoting your operational, economic and sustainability goals. Contact us by phone or email, or visit our showroom for tailor-made technical solutions and expert advice.

Zsolt Laki
Managing Director



Many still confuse the concepts of sustainability and environmental protection. Although the two are closely related, they are not the same thing. While environmental protection is a very important of sustainability, living and working in a sustainable way requires taking into account a lot of things in addition to environmental protection, and in many cases entails changing our entire way of working and our way of life. Allin Property Services Kft. as a business, and its employees personally, are committed to a liveable present and future. We are aware that our business activity has one of the largest environmental footprints in the world. Therefore, we have decided to classify and select our working methods, suppliers, materials and machinery, both in terms of quantity and quality, with sustainability in mind. This is also intended as an indirect way of encouraging our customers to adopt an environmentally friendly and sustainable consumer behaviour. Whether it’s the installation of complex building services engineering for an industrial production hall, a heat pump system for a family home, or just a domestic water filter, our customers can be sure that they are getting the most sustainable option available when they buy our products or use our services.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

We believe that most people still have a positive attitude towards their environment and their fellow human beings. It is our fundamental duty to help those who cannot help themselves to survive and thrive because of an obstacle. This is especially true for children, and the help of others is even more crucial when it comes to sick children. It was due to a fortunate coincidence that we learned about the efforts of the Ments Életet Közhasznú Alapítvány \[Save Lives Foundation], their selfless and often heroic work for the recovery and comfort of sick children. Without hesitation, we decided to provide them continuous support, a commitment that we intend to keep in the future as well. Anyone can do this by donating at least 1% of their personal income tax, but there are many other ways to support them. More information about the foundation: